-7 Figure Masterclass

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Thank you to everyone that attended live. We were live for over 4 hours! We are uploading the replays as fast as we can and will update this page shortly with all the videos. Thanks for your patience!

✔ How I earn millions, step-by-step, and UNCENSORED! (The raw truth)

✔ The steps to take to go from scratch to seven figures, follow it! Forget earning 6-figures as I'm going to reveal how I've been knocking down 7 figures per year for over 10 years.

✔ Why earning six-figures is notgood enough and leads to massive failure. Get this wrong and you're doomed from the beginning.

✔ How to acquire the "million dollar mindset" to knock all the dominoes down. Think its fluff? Think again. Be ready for you mind to be blown!

✔ Why the middle-class mindset leads to failure and disappointment and how to break the chains that are holding you back


User Avatar Presented By: David Smith

Prior to building his internet marketing business, David was a successful former Investment Advisor who helped his clients make many millions of dollars over the years. Two clients made over $1 million each by following David’s investment strategies. A few made over $500m and many more made smaller gains. David foresaw the emerging retirement crisis in which many people would experience a financial shortfall. He is passionate about teaching motivated Baby Boomers how to turn their knowledge into wealth so that they can increase their investment portfolio diversification. After all, an online course is a digital asset. David has spent several years in online marketing learning what works and what does not. In early 2017, he decided to partner with Eric Louviere, the million dollar marketer and add valuable content to these 6 courses of Eric’s. Recently, David has decided to combine the valuable insights gained from his years as a successful Investment adviser with his successful online investment experience into his own Signature Course “Escape Velocity to Wealth”. In this course he teaches Baby Boomers how to monetize their knowledge & experience by creating their own Signature online course. He helps Boomers develop a Plan B retirement investment strategy where he shows them how to monetize their knowledge experience and skills by creating Online Signature Courses. In 2013, David became a best-selling author. He partnered with Brian Tracy one of the top business leaders in writing and publishing a best seller “Against the Grain: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How They Achieved Positive Results in a Down Economy!”

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